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David Tennant LIMS

David Tennant Last Icon Maker Standing

David Tennant Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to tennant_lims!
This is a lims community dedicated to the talented British actor David Tennant.

1. What is a LIMS community?
- A Last Icon Maker Standing challenge. Every week one or more icon makers will be voted off, so that in the end one remains the Last Icon Maker Standing.
2. I can't make icons but I still want to join, am I allowed?
- Yes, feel free to just watch the community and vote.
3. Can I use a skip if I don't like/can't enter a challenge?
- Go right ahead, but keep in mind that you only have one skip chance unless you promote to get a second one. (Skips cannot be used in the last two challenges of a round, if you make it this far.)
- You have to join and friend this community in order to participate.

- You have to sign up before you can submit any entries to a challenge. Sign-ups for round 4 are open.

- A new challenge will be posted every Monday, the icons are due the following Saturday, that's when the voting will go up.

- As a participant, you have to enter every challenge until you are voted off or the round is over, unless you use your skip.

- Voting will be for at least 2 least favorite icons and one favorite icon. Results will be posted Monday afternoon, along with a new challenge.

- Don't vote for yourself, do not ask others to vote for you and do not post your icon anywhere before the challenge is over.

- For the icon, you may only use the image(s) provided in the challenge if it doesn't say otherwise. Blending and animations are not allowed, but textures, brushes and text are more than welcome.

- When you sign up, please include "should I stay or should I go" somewhere in your comment so that I know you've read the rules. If you fail to do so you will not be added to the participants list.
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