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Round 4 Challenge 4 results

Thanks to everyone who voted! Here are the results... everyone who's been voted off so far - look out for the next challenge ;)


by apurplepatch

Thanks for your entries, I hope you stick around for future votings :)


by delorentoes

- no mod's choice this week -

If you want a banner let me know in a comment. Banners will be made for people's choice, they might take a while though^^

the voting results:
01. +2
02. 0
03. -5
04. +3

find your icon number here

the reasons given for the votes:

01. negative: 0 | positive: 2
+ I love how subtle the colouring is. Great icon.
+ I like the composition of the icon

03. negative: 5 | positive: 0
- Too dark and over sharpened.
- The high contrast in the icon overpowers the icon and the texture used does not beldn well into the icon.
- the icon is too dark and the background distracts too much from the face
- The colouring is too dark and the texture used is taking too much focus away from David.
- the texture is too dominant and the overall colouring is too dark.

04. negative: 0 | positive: 3
+ nice crop and nice concentration on the face
+ The colouring is just perfect
+ the icon is bright and not too sharp.

please let me know if you notice any mistakes. Also, please tell me if you'd rather have longer reasons next time (i.e. I'll ask voters to provide more detailed reason if they're too short). I know some of these are pretty short, and if there's a majority here that prefers more details, we can do that ;)

I'll post the new challenge in a bit :)
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