Nelly (shizukuchan) wrote in tennant_lims,

Round 4 Challenge 4

Again, sorry that the previous challenge took so long^^

(click to enlarge; credit goes to DTF)

- submit one icon using the provided picture
- the use of textures, brushes and text is allowed
- blending, stock text and animation are not allowed (find more information on stock text and why it is not allowed here)
- the icon has to meet LJ standards (no more than 40 KB; .png, .jpg or .gif format)
- the icon has to be made by you, specifically for this challenge
- you may only submit if you're signed up and listed here
- feel free to ask any questions regarding the rules here
- have fun! :D

submission deadline: Friday, 16.10.2009
entered: 03/05
skipping: in_the_end
Tags: challenge 4, round 4, round 4 challenge 4, submit
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I'm gonna skip this one.
no problem, thanks for letting me know :)

also: Josh & Donna ftw! :D

Screened comment

thanks for the submission, but I can't accept it because of the stock image you used as a base. Only regular textures, brushes and text are allowed (only a polaroid frame, from a brush for example, would be acceptable)

I'm extending the challenge because of the lack of entries anyway, so feel free to enter another icon (or a modified version of this), or even skip if you don't have the time (please let me know though)


October 13 2009, 22:50:22 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  October 13 2009, 22:51:57 UTC

Just to be clear, are you disqualifying it as a "blending", because I can see where you ban stock text, but not stock images in textures.

The hand AND polariod were part of the texture pack which I downloaded from deviant art.
I'm disqualifying it because "stock images in textures" aren't textures anymore, they're stock bases. I know some stock images can be used as textures (lights, sky etc.), but not in this case (and I know people nowadays post anything and everything labeled as "textures", so if you download "textures" and I say textures are okay, I see that it's really not your fault/intention to disregard the rules).

I also know it's not that clearly defined in the rules (I had a similar problem when someone submitted an icon with stock text a while ago - I never learn, do I? XD), and I apologize for that, but I copied the rules from back when this wasn't an issue because stock bases were stock bases, textures were textures, and nobody even thought about labeling text icons as textures XD

and please note that in no way I'm intending to be rude or anything (it might sometimes come across like that, especially when I don't use emoticons^^), just trying to explain :)