Nelly (shizukuchan) wrote in tennant_lims,

Round 4 Challenge 3 Voting

skipping: captbrilliant
eliminated: quiddity_

- vote for 2 icons of lesser quality and give valid reasons
- when you give reasons for your negative votes, please stick to the technical aspects of the icons, no bashing and no personal preferences like "I don't like that style" or "It's ugly"
- also vote for 1 favourite icon, giving a reason is optional here
- don't vote for yourself as a favourite and don't ask anyone to vote for your entry
- you don't have to be a participant or member of this community to vote, every signed in LJ member can vote - anonymous votes won't be counted

- the voting ends this Sunday evening, around 11pm (GMT+1), the results and the new challenge will be posted then
- if you have any questions about the voting rules, just ask :)

voting example:

lesser quality:
#55 - the text doesn't fit the image and the overall colouring is too dark
#73 - the icon is too blurry

#84 - great colouring! :D

These are just examples, please try to be as detailed and constructive as you can when you vote, these reasons are meant to help the icon makers. If you are unsure about whether your reasons are acceptable or not, please take the time and read this tutorial on how to vote in LIMS contests.
In case there's still something wrong with your vote, I will ask you to revote - if you fail to do so in time your vote will not be counted.

Thanks for reading all of this, and now cast your votes! :D

the entries: