Nelly (shizukuchan) wrote in tennant_lims,

Round 4 Challenge 5 - Comeback/jump in!

Everyone who is currently not in the competition (voted off or missed sign-ups) can enter this challenge, and we will have up to two people joining the current participants. If you get voted (back) in, you won't have any skips, i.e. you have to enter all following challenges to the finale in order to stay in (and obviously not get voted off).

Make an icon of David's character in the BBC miniseries "Blackpool", either from caps or promotional stills (if you find any).

A few places to get caps are, David Tennant Heaven, and tennant_love.

- submit one icon following the theme (Blackpool)
- the use of textures, brushes and text is allowed
- blending, stock text, pre-made bases (stock or other) and animations are not allowed (find more information on stock text and why it is not allowed here)
- the icon has to meet LJ standards (no more than 40 KB; .png, .jpg or .gif format)
- the icon has to be made by you, specifically for this challenge
- you may only submit if you're signed up and listed here
- feel free to ask any questions regarding the rules here
- have fun! :D

submission deadline: Friday, 30.10.2009 - 11pm GMT+1
entered: 00
Tags: challenge 5, comeback challenge, round 4, round 4 challenge 5, submit
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