Nelly (shizukuchan) wrote in tennant_lims,

Round 4 Challenge 4

Again, sorry that the previous challenge took so long^^

(click to enlarge; credit goes to DTF)

- submit one icon using the provided picture
- the use of textures, brushes and text is allowed
- blending, stock text and animation are not allowed (find more information on stock text and why it is not allowed here)
- the icon has to meet LJ standards (no more than 40 KB; .png, .jpg or .gif format)
- the icon has to be made by you, specifically for this challenge
- you may only submit if you're signed up and listed here
- feel free to ask any questions regarding the rules here
- have fun! :D

submission deadline: Friday, 16.10.2009
entered: 03/05
skipping: in_the_end
Tags: challenge 4, round 4, round 4 challenge 4, submit
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