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Round 4 Challenge 3 Results

Thanks to everyone who voted! Sorry it took me so long again, stupid cold kept me in bed the last 2 days XD


by aquakittie

by cotharay

Thanks for your entries, I hope you stick around for future votings :)


by delorentoes


by dana_cz
I love the colors and how he stands out from the background; also: awww, happy!Ten is happy :)

If you want a banner let me know in a comment. Banners will be made for people's choice and mod's choice, they might take a while though^^

the voting results:
01. -7 +1 = -6
02. -4 +1 = -3
03. -5 +1 = -4
04. -2 +4 = +2
05. -1
06. -4 +3 = -1
07. -5 +3 = -2

find your icon number here

the reasons given for the votes:

01. negative: 7 | positive: 1
- the border distracts from a lovely picture, plus DT looks quite washed out.
- The crop of the icon seems awkward and the texture used is too overpowering.
- The contrast makes him fade into the background and it isn't clear which emotion he is expressing in the chosen image.
- The colours are washed out and the border is odd and doesn't fit with the icon
- nice idea with the frame, but it's too distracting, especially as the face is a bit too dark - it almost seems not important enough and looking at it is just an afterthought
- the gradient doens't work here: it doesn't make the image pop, it's unflattering. there are too many textures distracting from the main subject. the cropping would look better if were a little more centralized.
- the border adds nothing to the icon, its quite antiquated. The crop would've been more effective centralized
+ Brilliant effect and colour!

02. negative: 4 | positive: 1
- The multiple images is distracting, and the sharp edges where the images join pull the eye away from the images themselves and detract from the overall impact of the icon.
- the icon is a bit too blurry and the overall colouring strengthens the background at the expense of the original images
- the colouring chosen doesn't really accentuate the facial details that would make his expression appear stronger than it looks as is.
- coloring is a bit off. He looks washed out
+ I like the use of mulptiple images.

03. negative: 5 | positive: 1
- needs more contrast.
- the coloring is too washed out
- The icon looks a bit flat and could have used a tiny bit more contrast
- nice crop, but the icon is overall too dark, there's not enough contrast between the face and the rest of the icon
- the coloring is a little bit dull. it could use a little more contrast and some brighter colors. the light texture doesn't work well, it'd look prettier placed around david face - it'd add a lovely focal point to the icon.
+ the soft filter and the lighter coloring makes this icon gorgeous! The crop really draws attention to the smile.

04. negative: 2 | positive: 4
- the coloring is just a tad bit harsh, but the cropping is fantastic.
- The image appears to be off-centre and not complete, and also too large to be contained withing the frame size
+ great colouring and crop.
+ lovely crop and colouring.
+ great use of colour
+ no comment

05. negative: 1 | positive: 0
- coloring seems too bright

06. negative: 4 | positive: 2
- the overall idea of the icon is great, but David stands off too much from the background.
- The image seems a little too small for the frame, and is alos a little dark.
- the colouring is rather flat and the misty texture used only contributes to the flatness rather than enhancing the image.
- icon looks blurry
+ the texture used really helps create the atmosphere of the icon
+ The image is lovely, the coloring is very flattering and the use oftextures is great! This icon is really pretty and sweet (:
+ nice composition of crop, colour and the picture chosen

07. negative: 5 | positive: 3
- The icon is too sharp.
- The icon seems overshrapened. The text placement is odd and a bit redundant, the line at the bottom distracts and doesn't compliment the icon overall.
- odd text placement and the line is distracting away from the icon image
- the wording was not needed, as the look on his face is enough to convey it. the coloring and crop is wonderful, though.
- the text seems unnessacery as the crop captures the mood well - the line looks odd running over his face
+ great crop and colouring.
+ Perfect text and coloring
+ wonderful cropping! (this icon would be absolutely perfect without the really isn't needed at all.)

please let me know if you notice any mistakes. Also, please tell me if you'd rather have longer reasons next time (i.e. I'll ask voters to provide more detailed reason if they're too short). I know some of these are pretty short, and if there's a majority here that prefers more details, we can do that ;)

I'll post the new challenge in a bit :)
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